Sunday, 29 December 2013

Xmas in India with babes from around the world

I have spent many a Christmas in India trying for a baby and this year I was able to hold my own.I am still crying each time I look at her, as I begin to realise that she is real and this is not a dream where someone wakes me up.I don't think anyone could begin to appreciate how precious this baby is,except of course the marvellous doctors at the Kiran Infertility Center,in Hyderabad India and parents who have had a similar journey.Surrogacy in India has made this possible...we are now parents and our lives have been touched and changed by this little baby! I remember my mum saying how having children was the best part of her life.I also now understand why my parents were so protective and tried to cushion me so much in life...for all the times I fought with you dad,I'm sorry because now your actions seem so reasonable!I know Gary's mum was the same.
We are so happy to be  in the clinic's apartment  with other couples from around the world who are also celebrating the birth of their babies over this festive period.It's great to be around Saly as she gives us all invaluable advice on how to care for our newborns and it's good to all be in the same boat,as new parents!!We have had the best Christmas ever and thank KIC and our amazing surrogate mummies who have made our dreams possible.
Here is Dr Kiran with her granddaughter Babasha and Angela (the daughter of a nurse at the clinic) and Satvinder   the case manager for the clinic.The Kiran clinic is family based,which makes it very personal and allows intended parents build strong links with the clinic as they are dealing with the same doctors on a daily basis.In my experience this is not the case in many clinics around the world,particularly the UK.
Our best Xmas ever with Tracy and Gary(UK) Sonia and Ramon(Spain) and Swapna and Sabarish(India) all sharing a delicious cake compliments of KIC...THANK YOU GUYS! XX
As you can see our sleepless nights are paying off and Heaven is growing fast! She's already out of her first clothes and is into 0-3 months.She is so strong and is almost rolling! She has definite preferences and dislikes having her arms covered.I love it when she wakes,as she's all toasty and scrunched up and  when she looks into my eyes and holds my finger,I know she's everything and more.We love her to bits!!! X

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