Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Our journey so far

We had always wanted children, but like everything in life the time the place and most importantly the person must be right. As soon as we met we fell in love and knew that together we would make great parents. So because of our age and medical history the search for a fertility clinic began.
We chose India for our treatment because we believe Indian doctors are the best in the world and the cost of treatment is a great deal cheaper. 
After emailing many clinics in India we chose the Kiran Infertility Center in Hyderabad . We were extremely impressed from the word go with their punctual replies and their extensive knowledge.

The clinic have had many  conventions in New York and Singapore and regularly attend European fertility conferences(ESHRE).In fact,we met Dr Kiran and Dr Samit in Barcelona,Spain before we went to India.
As soon as we arrived in India we were made to feel at home by the clinic and staff.

Initially we had IVF using Indian donor eggs.We have had 3 pregnancies with the clinic ,but sadly I miscarried.Following my miscarriages we decided to go ahead with surrogacy and we are now 32 weeks pregnant and we are over the moon with joy and happiness! 
For anyone who is considering IVF or surrogacy hopefully over the next few weeks and months as our story unfolds maybe you can start your dreams too.

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